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Welcome to My Epic Journey

My Epic Journey is a new kind of blog specially for those doing epic journeys around the globe, using whatever kind of transport. We offer the usual blog facilities of text, picture and video upload. But what is special about our service, is that it's not just a blog.

The problem with a blog is that your posts are only showing most-recent-first. If someone comes across your site part way through your journey, its very difficult for them to read from the beginning. Also, if they are interested in a particular location, it's very hard to pick out amongst the date ordered information.

We offer you the facility to tag your blog entries with Chapter and sub-chapter headings, so you can also order your posts more like a book. So it becomes easy for readers to join part way through, and to leap to parts they are interested in.

Have a look at the existing journeys to see how it works. The first 20 subscribers get their accounts free - you can register here.