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Three Wheels on my Bicycle

Since the original Blog site closed, I am using WordPress to re-create my blog and give a location to download the route files (in .gpx format).

Review of the Bike

The bike was a mixed success. I chose an all-mountain bike, the Canyon Strive AL8.0. An all-mountain bike turned out to be good in that it could cope with anything. I did the down-hills with Switchbacks in the Sierra de Malaga, where others were using full-on down-hill bikes with 200+mm travel, and it coped wellContinue reading “Review of the Bike”

25th August 2013

Yesterday and today I focused on getting to Santiago as fast as possible. I left early both days, stuck to tarmac and made few stops for video and photos. As a result I covered the 180km in 2 days. I have now made it to Santiago and the end of my epic journey. Thanks toContinue reading “25th August 2013”

22nd August 2013

I heard last night that Gina’s mum is unwell. Gina did not want me to return home immediately, but I am going to step up my rate of progress. I have a hotel booked tonight in Ribadeo for 2 nights to give me a rest day; but after that I plan to stick to tarmacContinue reading “22nd August 2013”

21st August 2013

I start early today, without any delays for a change. The gps file I have of the route shows it should be around 45km to the albergue, so I’m looking forward to an easy day and an early arrival at the beach.  The route out of Soto is very picturesque but hard going. There isContinue reading “21st August 2013”

19th August 2013

I stayed at the Albergue at Sabrayo last night – and it was a very different experience from my last Albergue. It was small and crowded, and no food was provided, which was a problem as it was in the middle of no-where. I had to get on my bike to find a bar inContinue reading “19th August 2013”

18th August 2013

After almost 3 weeks away on a family holiday, I have returned to the Atlantic coast to resume my journey. I estimate that it will only take me 3 weeks to complete the trip on the Camino, so I decide to travel light. Rather than bring my trusty trailer I have opted for panniers. IContinue reading “18th August 2013”

19th July 2013

My night in the Aubergue has not been good. The dormitory was quite noisy and I found I was making most of it…very embarrassing. Everyone gets up early – they are so keen. So I get up with them and am on the road before 8.00am – which is my normal waking time. However itContinue reading “19th July 2013”

18th July 2013

Slightly dull day on tarmac, enlivened by the fact that I slept on the beach for the hottest part of the day. Didn’t get in to San Vicente til 7.00pm. I decide to try out an Albergue today; these are the inns run for the benefit of Pilgrims (Peregrinos) on the Camino de Santiago. ForContinue reading “18th July 2013”


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