13th May 2013

Not feeling very well today, not sure why. The next step is a short one to Fuente Alamo, so I went anyway to see how I was. I felt bad on the way and a lot worse once I arrived so determined to take the next day off. Sorry, no pics today. In fact getting here was such a slog, I started having car-envy.

I felt so ill I couldn’t eat lunch or dinner. But the nice lady in the restaurant made me a local lemsip equivalent that was very restorative. I then slept for 12 hours and feel even better.

Fuente Alamo is generally not a place you go to deliberately…I am only here en route. I’ve holed up in a very nice but quiet hotel run by a vineyard outside of town. There seem to be only 4 other people here. But one turns out to be a glider pilot (sailplane, not paraglider) and has driven all the way from England for the flying. Apparently this is a good place to do it and there is a good local club. So there are some reasons to come to Fuente Alamo.

It has turned out lucky I took Tuesday off because

  1. huge thunderstorms and high winds have been rolling through Albacete , and as the next leg is a long one I would have been out in them
  2. Vicki has arranged a call with Radio Merseyside, so I need to get my blog up to date. It had fallen behind as I was cycling all of each day recently.

Off to Almansa tomorrow, where I am hoping to plan how to meet up with the European route GR7, which I can use to travel north to the Pyrenees. There is a great Spanish site called Rutas Viajes which is trying to collect together .gpx files for both Gran Recorridos and the smaller Pequeño Recorridos throughout Spain. Miguel from that organisation has kindly sent me some files for GR7 further north.

Published by jhalstead1

This is my blog of my trip around Spain, off road, on my mountain bike. The story is told in full in my book "Three Wheels on my Bicycle", available on Amazon in Kindle or hardback.

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