15th June 2013

Yet another WOW day in the Pyrenees. I had expected a boring day on tarmac, but the route was through THE most spectacular gorge. Now, I know many of you may be suffering from gorge fatigue, but this one really is even more spectacular than the others. It’s deeper, and narrower and thank god cooler. It’s called the Rio Vio and is a national park. I stuck to the Tran Pyrenees route as I had the trailer, but some guys were going up on to the tops above the snow-line. If you are a mountain biker this is definitely a place to go. Check it all out on the video diary, and here are some pics.

I saw this tiny house by the river – I want to live here.

As it’s getting towards summer there are a lot more people about now. I met Xavi and Ramon on the way up; they are doing the Trans Pyrenees route in stages each year. They were staying in the same hotel so we met for dinner and they had made it to the tops today at the snow line; 70km and 1800m of climb…. pretty epic stuff. This is us in the hotel;

Later I was overtaken by Carlos and we got chatting – he was going on to Sabinanigo – probably another 40k. but he was travelling much lighter with just panniers and XC bike. I wonder if I have too much kit! Here is Carlos & I;

The peaks all around were amazing too:

I stayed in the Rio Ara Hotel, and met up with Xavi and Ramon for dinner. This hotel is brill for bikers, and had a lock-up, a power hose, and a bike stand with tools!. Best place to stay if you’re a road or mountain biker.

You can see the video diary at Youtube

You can download the .gpx file for the route at Everytrail. You may also be able to see it below, but IE seems to have problems with it.

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This is my blog of my trip around Spain, off road, on my mountain bike. The story is told in full in my book "Three Wheels on my Bicycle", available on Amazon in Kindle or hardback.

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