7th May 2013

I have finally left the lovely Cazorla, to continue my journey north. I could have taken a direct route on tarmac, but opted for an off rad route. It was a little less direct. My satnav tells me I have traveled 18km in a straight line from Cazorla to Las Ventas, but the cycling distance is 58km. An implied inefficiency of mountain roads of 300%. I knew something was up when I cycled for over an hour, and drew level with the pass from Cazorla, no more than 2km away across the valley. Maybe someone should set up a big zip wire.

 I am starting to get concerned about my rate of progress…not that I want to turn this into a McGregor/Boorman race against time, but there are certain rates of progress that just won’t do. Mind you. I know it’s possible for people to become addicted too exercise..to the endorphin rush that comes with lots of exercise. Maybe that’s happening to me? 

Here’s another strange thought. I was travelling through yet more breathtakingly gorgeous scenery. I stopped for some calories. It struck me that I could carry on toiling up hill, over these mountains and on to the Pyrenees, and what would I encounter? More gorgeous scenery. But I won”t be able to tell you the difference between the two…if you dropped me back in them later I could probably not say which was which. So what’s the point? Why not stay in one place and just look at that scenery? Answers in the comments box please.

Of more immediate interest is these barriers the Spanish put up on mountain roads where a bend as a particularly lethal drop.

You’ll notice that they will stop a car going over the edge, but have conveniently sized gaps to allow pedestrians and children on small bikes to pass though. I was also interested in this sign:

It says “Hunting activities- don’t leave the road”. Presumably if you do, you become a legitimate target. 

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This is my blog of my trip around Spain, off road, on my mountain bike. The story is told in full in my book "Three Wheels on my Bicycle", available on Amazon in Kindle or hardback.

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