8th May 2013

Had a great ride around the quiet side of the lake today. It was on a route which all the local maps and google maps said did not exist; but I could see it on google satellite so I had a go. It was a bit broken up by the rain – land-slips, sink-holes and trees across the road; so a car could not have made it.

Some tree had decided that today was the day to release its seeds, and I kept running into areas thick with floating seeds, like that scene out of Legend. I also got ambushed by a fox but  I suspect he didn’t know what he was jumping out at. He tried to chase for a bit, but I was going faster than him and he realised he couldn’t eat a bike, so he rapidly gave up. I looked back to see him standing iin the road looking confused.

I was heading for a place called Hornos, but as I arrived I found the track had been washed away; the only alternative was to go around the hill and up the tarmac on the other side. But  by then I was half way to the next village, Cortijos Nuevos, so I headed on to there instead. When I arrived I found it was a bit of a dump, so I moved on to Segura de la Sierra, 15km away, which stood on a big hill and has a great castle on top. Took me a while to get there, and on one road I found part was again washed away. But this time it was just the tarmac that had been washed into the river. So I rode through the hole with startled workmen looking on.

I had booked a hotel on line during the trip, but when I arrived in Segura de la Sierra, the place was shut! But a very nice bloke in the local information centre opened up specially and found me another hotel. I have a problem with my trailer’s axle and would like to explore the castle so will stay here today and do another big ride tomorrow.

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This is my blog of my trip around Spain, off road, on my mountain bike. The story is told in full in my book "Three Wheels on my Bicycle", available on Amazon in Kindle or hardback.

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